Apprentissage de la lecture et de l'écriture

Posted 08 January 2024
Soleina works with dedication on her alphabet and handwriting during her one-to-one sessions.
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Activités de Noël, merci à EY!

Posted 08 January 2024
On the last day of activities for the children this year, we were privileged to be accompanied by the EY team. We would like to express our gratitude for their invaluable contribution to the children, as well as for the wonderful gifts they gave them. It was an afternoon full of joy, laughter,. . . Lire la suite

Joyeux Noël!

Posted 08 January 2024
Merry Christmas from the whole Angel du soleil team! In this magical time of year, we wish you a day filled with love and joy surrounded by your loved ones. Our best wishes for a warm and bright day!

Trousse solidaire, un immense merci à l'école Paul et Virginie

Posted 08 January 2024
We would like to express our infinite gratitude to school Paul et Virginie for their wonderful "solidarity kit" initiative, dedicated to the children of Anges du Soleil. Thanks to this precious gesture, our children now have all the equipment they need for a successful start to the new school. . . Lire la suite
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Escapade en nature

Posted 21 December 2023
Anne-Laure went off with Meghan for a little nature getaway. A great time, full of sunshine.
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Marché de Noël à Paul & Virginie

Posted 20 December 2023
During the Christmas market at school Paul & Virginie, we were lucky enough to set up a small stand featuring products lovingly made by our moms. A huge thank you to Paul et Virginie for this wonderful opportunity!
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Bravo Neekhil

Posted 18 December 2023
We are very proud of Neekhil! He recently received his report card from Paul & Virginie, and we're impressed by his commitment and determination to his studies. Congratulations to Neekhil for his good job!
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Soirée de Noël avec les familles

Posted 14 December 2023
A video review of our wonderful Christmas evening with the families of Anges du Soleil families. It was a time of sharing, good humour, music, dancing and culinary delights. Video link: https://www. facebook. com/100064496390068/videos/315240804672801

Journée Internationale des Droits de l'Enfant

Posted 12 December 2023
We would like to thank Drip for organising International Children's Rights Day on Monday 20 November 2023. The children of Anges du Soleil were lucky enough to take part in this magnificent day, which was accompanied by music, shows and a parade. It was an exceptional outing that delighted young. . . Lire la suite
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Sortie cinéma

Posted 09 December 2023
Our children had the chance to enjoy an exceptional cinema experience thanks to the European Film Festival. They discovered a varied selection of short films that captured their imaginations. Thank you for a memorable and rewarding outing!
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Escalade dans les arbres

Posted 08 December 2023
The children are very skilful, like monkeys in the trees on Tamarin beach.
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Merci à Étincelles, le cinéma des enfants pour ces ateliers

Posted 06 December 2023
Thank you to David and Saël for running two exciting film workshops for the children of Anges du Soleil. Thanks to them, they were able to make some very nice short films. We are grateful to the European Film Festival, for offering this great opportunity to the children.
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Soirée caritative

Posted 06 December 2023
Review of our charitable evening on November 11, 2023 This year, we recorded the sale of 113 entrance tickets; thank you all for your presence. We are also delighted to see your participation in our raffle. We want to express our deep gratitude for the interest you have shown in this event. In. . . Lire la suite

De beaux moments

Posted 30 November 2023
Let's share some of our children's happy moments with our interns during beach activities.
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Activités "Koh-Lanta"

Posted 30 November 2023
The children of Anges du Soleil took part in the Koh-Lanta adventure on Tamarin beach. The red and blue teams competed in a series of sporting, intellectual, balance, touch and tactical tests to win the adventure. Our winning adventurers are members of the red team. Many thanks to the children. . . Lire la suite