Célébrons les 10 ans d'Anges du Soleil!

Posted 12 July 2024
Celebrating 10 years of Anges du Soleil! For this edition of Minutes Interview, we're delighted to welcome Cassandre, former intern who became volunteer for Anges du Soleil. She shares her journey and adventure with us. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this wonderful adventure. Let's. . . Lire la suite

Merci à nos bénévoles et nos stagiaires pour leur générosité et leur soutient

Posted 10 July 2024
"Study adorns the mind with truths and lifts the soul. It teaches us about men and women, makes us more human, more enlightened, and gives us a means to become better. " What concentration on the part of Kavish during his weekly tutoring! Joël and Josué are just as studious, learning how to. . . Lire la suite
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10ans d'Anges du Soleil, ça se fête !!

Posted 08 July 2024
Celebrating 10 years of Anges du Soleil ! On this occasion, we invite you to discover our new video retracing the story of Théo, one of the first children enrolled, a symbol of our commitment and mission. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this wonderful adventure. Let's continue to. . . Lire la suite

Josué a 14 ans !

Posted 03 July 2024
On Saturday June 22, we celebrated Josué's 14th birthday at Splash N' Fun in Belle Mar, surrounded by friends and family. It was an unforgettable day! Everyone took full advantage of the thrilling slides and refreshing pools, creating moments of pure happiness and complicity. Happy birthday,. . . Lire la suite
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Swelaine change d'école !

Posted 24 June 2024
🌞✨ A new adventure begins for Swelaine! ✨🌞 Last Tuesday, Swelaine joined her new school, "Les Enfants du Soleil". After a difficult period at her old school, where classes were too large, she had fallen behind academically. Now, with smaller classes and more personalized attention,. . . Lire la suite

Anges du Soleil a 10ans !!!

Posted 13 June 2024
Today, we're celebrating 10 years of our NGO, Anges du Soleil ! Ten years of dedication, passion and solidarity. We thank our incredible team, volunteers, interns and donors who have made it all possible. Your commitment and generosity have transformed so many lives. Every smile, every minute. . . Lire la suite

Un samedi de délices

Posted 11 June 2024
On Saturday June 8, Mons Jhugroo came to distribute food in the village of Tamarin. Children and their families left happy and with enough to fill the fridge. THANK YOU to Mons Jhugroo for sharing with our children. THANK YOU for your generosity.
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Solaina progresse !!

Posted 05 June 2024
Solaina has been able to flourish academically thanks to the support she receives with Anges du Soleil ! This has enabled her to improve her writing and reading skills, as well as filling in the gaps in her knowledge. Many thanks to the volunteers for their commitment and generosity.
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Retour sur l'atelier pâtisserie du mercredi 22 mai !

Posted 31 May 2024
A look back at the pastry workshop held on Wednesday, May 22! On the program: shortbread biscuit, fruit brochettes and fruit tarts. The children then tasted their creations, which they all really enjoyed. Thanks to @MJ Développement for their warm welcome. The kids loved it!
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Le Trail des Anges du Soleil est terminé pour cette année ! Cette fois-ci les gagnants du 5km!

Posted 29 May 2024
Congratulations to the winners of our 5km race on Sunday, May 19, 2024! A huge bravo to all participants for their outstanding performance. Here are our winners: Boys: 1st - Gabriel Blanc 2nd - Joaquim Ohms Chereau 3rd - Paul Smacchia Girls: 1st - Clarisse Dotia 2nd - Fantine Faure. . . Lire la suite
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Le Trail des Anges du Soleil est terminé pour cette année ! Voici les gagnants du 12km !

Posted 22 May 2024
Congratulations to the winners of our 12km race this Sunday, May 19, 2024! A huge well done to all participants for their outstanding performance!!! Here are the details of the prizes won: Men's category: 1st - Set of boules donated by Decathlon 2nd - Massage voucher donated by Emmanuelle. . . Lire la suite
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Pus qu'une semaine avant le trail!!

Posted 14 May 2024
One week to go before the trail! Come and join with your family for a fun and sporty time. 2 courses will be available: -Family trail: 5km -Obstacle course: 12km You'll also be able to take part in our fair with its many stalls and a tombola full of prizes to be won! We're looking forward. . . Lire la suite
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Rencontre avec la Coopérative ANSAM - Cantine solidaire

Posted 13 May 2024
We met with the Ansam Cooperative to support them and give our opinion on possible future improvements to the Solidarity Canteen project. Three mothers welcomed us (from left to right: Anju; Yolanda; Jaymala) and showed us the food they had prepared for the meeting. The food was delicious and. . . Lire la suite
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The Trail is coming soon !

Posted 06 May 2024
Only 2 weeks left before the start of the trail ! Tombola tickets are on sale for 100RS with lots of prizes to be won ! Come along! We look forward to welcoming you with joy for this day! Register now ! https://docs. google. com/. . . /10uXCL2tvkCK3l7-MH3ezOHR3t9. . .  

Sortie au Neslon Mendela Center !

Posted 29 April 2024
A look back at Saturday, April 20 as part of the Nelson Mandela Centre's Open Day! On the program, the visit of the Center in Port Louis and fun activities that allowed the children to have fun while learning about African culture. Thank you to the Nelson Mendela Centre 
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