Our actions

Schooling from kindergarten (French and English)

Give children the opportunity to access a different education. Raise public awareness of the richness of exchanges through social diversity.



We organize early learning sessions in small groups of children between 3 and 5 years old. These sessions consist of making them autonomous as soon as possible.


Monitoring of the educational course

For children and adolescents from disadvantaged families in order to strengthen their learning capacities and facilitate their schooling.


Support for families

Help families to establish rules of good use of life within the home and their place of residence.


Psychological and educational support

TRAINING: To instill the importance of training on a personal level, to live better individually, with family, socially, etc….

HEALTH AND PREVENTION: Through a local approach, raise awareness, provide information on hygiene rules and the dangers of malnutrition.

ENVIRONMENT: Information and involvement of families in favor of the preservation of the environment and respect for nature. Integrate reflexes and habits of sustainable development.


Sports, artistic workshops

SPORT: Group or individual lessons are given by professionals in various sports activities such as swimming, gymnastics, horse riding, dance, karate, yoga, football ...

ART AND CULTURE: Develop the creativity of the individual, give confidence to the person through other learning, through workshops, theater ...

MUSIC: Promote talents, allow these young people to express themselves, to develop their capacities, to demonstrate their natural aptitudes (guitar ...).


Material assistance

  • donation of school equipment, books, computers
  • donations of clothing, shoes, toys and small kitchen and clothing equipment
  • food donations


Means of action

  • mailings, publications, documentaries, scholarships, contests, prizes and awards
  • conferences, training, forums, round tables, exhibitions and sales
  • association with other organizations on the island and around the world, educational exchanges
  • aid for the development of new energies (waste treatment, etc.)
  • health information and prevention
  • organizations of carnivals, fairs, fairs, Christmas tree for children, fashion shows
  • organization of a cultural week and an annual gala
  • Anthem produced by a choir of Mauritian children and singers broadcast by a video clip

Any means likely to help the NGO in its mission.