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"Light in Darkness" by Sarah Manoukian

"Light in Darkness" by Sarah Manoukian

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The painting is an abstract work painted by Sarah Manoukian. There is a surprising play of colours and textures that the eye cannot help but notice. One can observe threads of red, blue and green opaline paint poured on the foreground of the painting and jets of light colours, giving a splash effect and contrasting with the dark background. The dark background looks like a blurred background with gradations of colour from dark at the edges to light in the centre, as in a watercolour. This gives the painting depth, like a long tunnel. This effect is cut by the thick layers of paint that seem to emerge from the work. The layers of paint seem to be superimposed and worked, giving the impression of movement or at least three dimensions. 


Who is Sarah Manoukian?


Sarah Manoukian Rebouah is a French painter, based in Mauritius, born in the Drôme in 1977.

She has been exhibiting her paintings since 2003, with about twenty exhibitions between the South of France, Lyon, Paris and Mauritius where she currently lives. Her paintings are quoted at Artprice.

Inspired by abstract expressionism and street art, deepening her work on matter, colours and light, the artist transposes her thoughts and feelings into her paintings, which are characterised by light or darker pieces. 

The detachment from ordinary thought allows her to explore states of consciousness where matter loses its importance, then intuition and imagination arise, take shape and are transposed into her paintings.

She builds a universe full of energy, passion and sensitivity, red being her favourite colour, painting to the rhythm of music, expressed by the integration of CDs in her paintings.


Why did she make a donation?


Sarah is an artist who has been living in Mauritius for several years and is very touched by the difficult situation of young people, especially since the global epidemic, she decided to donate one of her works before leaving the country very soon.

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