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Homère, l’Odyssée
Homère, l’Odyssée
Homère, l’Odyssée

Homère, l’Odyssée

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On the small island of Ithaca, Penelope and her son Telemachus await Ulysses, their husband and father. It's been twenty years since he left for Troy and they haven't heard from him. On the other side of the seas, Odysseus has been on his way back for a long time. But storms, monsters, giants, sometimes gods, stop him or divert him from his path.

First great traveler, Ulysse discovers the Inconny where the dreams and fears of men are born since the dawn of time; the Odyssey tells us about this adventure at the end of which the hero finally finds, alongside Penelope, "the joy of the old bed".

->165 pages


->Condition: 9/10

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